Kat’s Birthday Party @ Brooklands

Kathleen (Kat) celebrated her 30th birthday with a bang!

More than 100 guests gathered for this very special night. It was attended by family members, friends of the family and Kat’s friends from all over the world:- Norway, Kenya, Canada, Denmark, USA, Dubai, Portugal to name a few.

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A visit to Kalari Kovilakom

Anne and I had a very relaxed visit to Kalari this year in September 2008. The weather was nearly perfect most days, having just arrived at the end of the monsoon season. Anne had a course of treatments that saw her walking down the passage ways of Kalari which was excellent as well as loosing 3kgs. The doctors were quite amazed at her progress and level of energy from her last visit to them. As always her spirit shines through with all the people she meets and socially she had an excellent time with a number of very pleasant people.

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The Likely Effects of the Current Credit Crunch on Contractors in the Energy Sector

The worldwide banking sector has been thrown into disarray over the past few weeks with nationalisation, bankruptcy and acquisition of leading banks. The stock markets is reeling with the Nikkei loosing some 10% today on Friday 10th October. The world is being driven into a recession and the prospect of a depression can no longer be discounted.

At the same time, the hope within the energy sector is that additional supplies of energy come to market through the construction and commissioning of the mega projects within the energy sector in the Middle East.

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Living in Dubai Marina

I was given an opportunity to share my views about living at the Dubai Marina through an interview organised by Emaar. Attached is a copy of the interview that was published in Dubai Marina’s newsletter called the “Waterfront”.