A visit to Kalari Kovilakom

Anne and I had a very relaxed visit to Kalari this year in September 2008. The weather was nearly perfect most days, having just arrived at the end of the monsoon season. Anne had a course of treatments that saw her walking down the passage ways of Kalari which was excellent as well as loosing 3kgs. The doctors were quite amazed at her progress and level of energy from her last visit to them. As always her spirit shines through with all the people she meets and socially she had an excellent time with a number of very pleasant people.

As for yours truly, I got my blood pressure down to normal and lost 5kg during the two weeks. All of which came off in the first week so am hoping that I will loose some more in the coming days. The doctors were right when they said I should come back after a year as clearly I needed a “booster” on all fronts. I am hoping that we can visit Kalari either at the end of 2009 or in 2010 for the final “booster” as they called it.

What a small world we live in, sitting opposite amongst 12 other guests, was a young lady currently living in Dublin, but originating from Bath. It was Liz Moran, the daughter of my Physics teacher at Prior Park College Bath from 1964-1970.

For more information on Kalari Kovilakom, please visit their website at www.kalarikovilakom.com

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  1. cherry Says:

    Tony that was an interesting read.
    There are several such instances that makes one feel that it is indeed a small world that we live in!(meeting up with the daughter of your physics teacher far far away from home in a small unknown town in India!!).
    Thanks for prmoting kalari kovilakom!

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