Caribbean Trip. Feb 10, 2010

Having had probably the best night’s sleep we’ve had thus far (except Miche that is who tried to sleep outdoors under a mosquito net until rain came down and wind picked up!). We all woke up around 9, to the disappointing sound of heavy winds coming in from outside. A front had moved in overnight and caused the sea to become very choppy. Fortunately we were not flying today but Tom had read that this front was due. Miche, Oli and Dom decided that before breakfast to go for a run. We ran down to the end of the worn runway and found a track which led off through the mangroves towards the north of the island.

After around 2 miles, we found that our enthusiasm didn’t match our fitness and levels of dehydration! We found Carlos Lehder’s house from where he ran his multibillion dollar drugs trafficking business, quite intimidating when we thought of all the stories from the area. Had the famous MacDuffs burger at for breakfast/lunch, it definitely lived up to its name!

After this we decided to go fishing at the end of the runway, again to no avail. Sometimes the fish just don’t bite!!

We had sampled a few conch fritters at lunch, so we asked where the best place would be to find them, and were driven to ‘the pond’ where they lived. Conch for anyone who does not know are what live in those massive shells that were used in ‘the lord of the flies’.

We searched the shallows for them, and found 5 that were large enough to eat. While looking for the conch I was gliding along sifting the sand on the bottom, when suddenly a sting ray, concealed under the sand, sprung up in front of me. I was pretty scared, but more so when 10 minutes later, when swimming towards another stingray, a massive barracuda swam past, and as I was wearing a belt, and owing to their penchant to shiny things, thought it would be good to vacate the water as quickly as possible!!

For dinner we had rice and vegetables, and conch, with Ollie killing it and myself filleting it. As well as this we found a couple of Coconuts from a tree, broke them open, and used the milk to cook in.

Right now I am sat in the bar, having a couple of beers and talking to the other few guests….. real nice.

5 Responses to “Caribbean Trip. Feb 10, 2010”

  1. Martin Says:

    Thanks for all the updates and please keep them coming. As Tony says some photos of you all and what you are seeing would be nice too. Suggest that Dom does not advertise exactly how often he is eating burgers if he wants to avoid some earache!

  2. anne Says:

    Earache from whom???Sure the meat is of the highest quality

  3. Sam Says:

    glad you’re having a good time dom, very jealous, but i have to say, if i’d seen you eating conch in real life i’d have hit you in the face! they’re endangered, you wouldnt eat a red squirrel would you?!

    have fun

  4. Sonja Heckstall Says:

    Hi guys, hope you’re all having an amazing time out there! Im soooo jealous! I’m here with anne at the mo and she’s just showed me your blog! I heard about the drama, glad you’re all ok! let me know if you end up going to antigua because my dad and stepmum lived there so we could more than likely set you up for a place to stay, if needed! Also dom, i need to talk to you about this summer and crewing do you think you’de be interested? Lots of moolar there to be earnt!! Anyways hope you are all safe!

    Lots of love and happy flying

    Sonja xxx

  5. anne Says:

    So whats happened to the blog no posts for nearly two weeks is there a problem, if not where are you………….. having too much fun no doubt its time to get blogging and keep all of us over here happy xx

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