Caribbean Trip. Feb 11, 2010

Checking out at 10 AM we left McDuffs to clear customs at Exuma international, the main island in the Exuma chain. It was real easy going, and after a quick refill, we headed to the Dominican Republic on a 3 hour flight. Low cloud on the approach meant we had to try and find a path through the mountains, which seemed not to be too much trouble for tom. As Ollie pointed out from the air it looked more like England than a Caribbean island!!

Our lodging for the next 3 days was to be Tabagua Ecovillage and plantation, which rested high in the mountains that make up the central area of the island. The mountain roads that led from Santiago, the airport to the ecovillage, were definitely what you could describe as dangerous. (For those of you that have seen top gears latest soire through the mountains of South America, our experiences were not that far detached!!).

Arriving late at night we could not see the view from the lodge, which we had been told was spectacular. Instead we were treated to some local cuisine consistent of fish rice beans, and to start homemade salsa and chips… mmmm…

The ecolodge was very well crafted, and hats of to Tim, the kind man who runs the place. He has moulded basic provision with home comforts to create a good mix of adventure and comfort, with a bed and pillow available overlooking the edge of the mountain, with no mosquito netting, and no walls, just sheets to guard from the jungles inhabitants!!

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