Caribbean Trip. Feb 14, 2010

after another surprisingly good nights sleep amongst nature we arranged after some hassle, some loose translation, and the use of some local expertise we got in contact with a taxi, which took us to the airport.

On the way to the airport we stopped at a local supermarket to restock with the necessary resources that we would need for camping in the British Virgin Islands. Of course Tom was much more concerned with our supply of Beer and Rum!!

At The Airport we got talking to a couple of Doctors who were flying out to Haiti, and were going out on their week’s rotation! One of the lady’s we discovered that she had all her sons facebook log on details, and had changed it so that all his updates came to her blackberry!!! I was asconsed, and suggested that her son would not be too happy about this!!!

After a 2 hour flight we landed at Beef Island on the BVI, watching out on route for the ash clouds that had been thrown up by the recent Eruption at Montserrat. On clearing customs, the rather grumpy customs man found the arnicas that mum had left in my rucksack. He asked me what it was and I explained. He seemed unamused, and proceeded to carry out a drugs test in front of us, and the awaiting tourists!! I was a little worried, as you really never know!!!

From here we got a taxi to the camp ground at Brewers bay at dark!! We pitched our tent, and then famished went to the local burger bar, where we had what seemed like the best burger, although I am pretty sure that this was very much to do with our hunger!!

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