Caribbean Trip. Feb 15, 2010

We were awoken to the sound of ‘Morning, Morning, Morning, you are not in the campsite man!!’ We had at night actually pitched our tent out of the parameter of the campsite!!!’

I and Tom moved the tent while Miche and Ollie went to the main town on the Island ‘Roadtown’ to pick up supplies.

This is the first day that we tried to cook for ourselves, and the trangea cookers we had bought in the US either went from out to Nuclear, which made cooking an issue. We decided it would be best to cook on a campfire, and collecting wood from the surrounding forest we made ourselves some really good burgers!!

The location of the campsite could probably not be more perfect, with the beach literally 10 feet away from the tent, and the noise of waves very loud!! Usually Brewers bay is like a pond. On this day, however the waves were 15 feet high and we had a good time riding the waves!!

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