Caribbean Trip. Feb 17, 2010

Today started with the usual breakfast of eggs and bread, and proceeded to be a lazy day. Although there were clearly a lot of fish just off the shore, accompanied by a large amount of ravenous black pelicans, who would periodically sweep down into the water, collecting the fish as they went. Tom made a fishing reel with a bit of drift wood, failing miserably to catch anything, with one big wave putting paid to any ideas of fish on the evening menu!!

late afternoon, and we decided to go and check out Road Town, BVI largest settlement. Myself Ollie and Miche set about exploring the town, where we found an old pirate bar, and the square 200m, a place where all the banking industry lies in the BVI, and where many have wealthy westerners have offshore accounts. Meanwhile Tom went and checked out the plane, which he thought had a rudder problem. After a few fly around it turned out to be a brake problem, which was noticed on his last landing when they failed, and he rolled to a stop at the end of the runway. Simple repercussion of the hard El Paso landing and simple to fix however!

That evening we had a really nice meal at a local yacht club before returning, armed with fresh supplies of rum to the campsite. 1 and 3/4 litres of rum were drunk between the 4 of us, and we were to say a little enhibriated.

We then had an incident with a digger which will be explained, but not on this blog.

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