Caribbean Trip, Feb 2, 2010

Hello, and welcome to the first entry of our blog for our trip around the Caribbean!!

I arrived into San Diego at 5 pm local time after a short but very beautiful flight down the Californian coast from Los Angeles.

The flight from Heathrow to LA was not what you could call a pleasant one. Despite the plane being more than half empty, we hit a pocket over Greenland. Asleep at the time I was suddenly awakened by a large bang. My initial reaction was perhaps presumptive. Luckily however no passenger had a hidden agenda, instead the plane moved rapidly from side to side and up and down, overhead lockers crashed open, the plane dropping by 600ft in a matter of 2 seconds and to put it candidly, the cabin crew soiled themselves. On speaking to the crew after the 20 minute incident, it became more apparent that they had thought at the time we were in big trouble, with one stewardess fainting, and the other saying, and I quote “I have been doing this job for 22 years, and that is by far the severest turbulence I have ever experienced.”

I survived, and last night myself and Tom went out in San Diego. We ate at Hooters, which was a novel experience, and I can honestly say the place lives up to its reputation……. It has great burgers.

After this we went out to a bar, and got on well with the locals, with Tom fully embracing American culture.


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