Caribbean Trip. Feb 3, 2010

Rather hung-over we woke up, and went to pick up Michele from her epic 24 hour flight. From here we went to see the plane for the first time, whereupon we met doctor bob hamburger, the chap who has kindly agreed to lend us his plane for 2 months. There have been a couple of technical problems with the undercarriage and the autopilot, which I am glad to say have now been rectified. Dr Bob was kind enough to give us a lecture on the plane, regarding flight checks, the history of the plane, and the recent upgrade it has undergone (movies and pictures to be posted in due course).

From here we returned to Downtown San Diego, with Michele catching up on some well needed rest, and myself and tom, walking to the airport to pick up Ollie, also clearly very weary.For dinner we returned to hooters, as the burgers were so good, with a display of the hooter dance for a young boy’s birthday, rather pleasing the expectant crowd. Finishing up we wondered around San Diego for a while, passing along the way the bar where top gun was filmed, and watching an American freight train travel past which must have been about a mile long. Ollie and myself were rather excited about this, and other typical Americanisms, such as the oversized Lorries.

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