Caribbean Trip. Feb 4, 2010

Rising early we bought breakfast and lunch stuff from Ralphs, an American supermarket in the centre of town. We found it rather odd that every possible item in store was vacuum packed, but learnt this is what you are to expect, along with the check out girl looking positively shocked that we wanted to save money by getting a free discount card.

Hiring a car is much cheaper per day in San Diego than taking taxis, and seeing as there would be a lot of driving required, with trips to Wal-Mart to buy amongst other things our camping equipment we elected to do just this. After our trip to Wal-Mart we went to the hanger, where we took the plane up for a quick instrument check, before which Tom gave us a fascinating safety brief that was recorded so we could replay it at our leisure.

The beach in San Diego is across the large central bridge (where coincidentally for those lovers of Anchor man is where Ron Burgundy’s dog gets kicked off). Tom showed off his surfing skills, while myself, Ollie and Michele decided to stay out of the water due to it being rather cooler than expected.

In and out burgers are synonymous with America, with dinner consisting of just this, and I would recommend them to anyone, as at $3 a burger you can’t go wrong.

Tom’s friend Mary has kindly volunteered, or was coerced into holding Tom’s surf board, while we are away, and we met her for a beer in the evening, with only two of us making it inside the bar, due to a certain lack of ID.

The time is now  9 AM, and we are about to head off on our first long trip down to Galveston. The weather is set fair, and although a little nervous, am very much excited.

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  1. Martin Says:

    Great start to the blog Dom. We look forward to seeing the map and some photos and hearing your impressions on the various places you visit. Please do update regularly as we shall be checking daily. All the best, Martin

  2. Tony Bury Says:

    Good luck Dominic and Tom. Look forward to monitoring your progress All the best Tony

  3. anne Says:

    Hi Dom, Can you check your email as i have put a message from your bank Mum

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