Caribbean Trip. Feb 6, 2010

This morning was one we were not looking forward to as it could potentially determine the outcome of the next 3 or 4 days of our trip. If it was the alternator then the likelihood was that we would have to stay in El Paso until Tuesday due to them having to order a part, which despite the lure of the Hispanic populations fine cuisine, we would not appreciate. Meeting the mechanic at about 9.00 he took the airplane into the local maintenance hanger while we went back to the hotel.

One hour past by and the phone call came, that we had been dreading. Thank god the report was good, and our worst fears were alleviated. The electrical failure turned out to be the belt on the alternator, and not the alternator itself. This understandably was an immense relief.

Two hours later we took off, plane repaired, and rather apprehensive, heading for Houston International.

To put it lightly the scenery at 11 thousand feet flying across America is stunning. Starting with the mountains due west of San Diego, which were snow capped and a luscious green, the land dropped almost immediately into the lee of the rain shadow. From here we passed over a vast stretch of desert, which took us past El Paso, and on towards Houston.

As we flew towards Houston below us we could see the oil fields that Texas is so famous for, along with rather interestingly a large number of wind turbine farms, with turbines sprouting 100’s of meters out of the desert on rocky outcrops. As the sun began to set over the desert, we past Austin to our left and San Antonio to our right, both brilliantly lit up on our decent towards Houston.

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