Caribbean Trip. Feb 7, 2010

There is nothing much of Houston to report, it is a relatively drab city despite being the largest city in America it clearly has no culture, as I have observed before. From Houston we flew over Louisiana, dropping down into real Hillbilly country, and being greeted on our refuel at Houma airport by some very welcoming locals, who showed as all around their hanger, before getting out their prized possession they had got out for the Super Bowl.  A sculpture of a flying pig, which being New Orleans Saints fans was quite apt.

Following on from our refuel we travelled down to Orlando Florida across some more amazing scenery. We were greeted here by Ollie’s Aunty and Uncle, who were over here in the states for a few days checking on the development of the complex where their holiday home is situated. Owing unfortunately to the miscalculation of time zones on our behalf they arrived to pick us up 2 hours earlier than planned!!

Their house is very nicely done, and was a perfect reprieve from travelling for the last 2 days, and American fast food. There was at last some greenery on our plates. For the first time also we also got excited about the Super Bowl, supporting the saints was after all a worthy cause.

The Super Bowl was expected to be a one way affair, with the Indianapolis colts expected to trounce the saints. And the match started as if this would be the case, the colts 10-0 up after the first quarter. This was only to be a minor blip however with the saints storming to a 30-17 win.

Well fed and watered we hit the beds for 5 hours or so.

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