Caribbean Trip. Feb 8, 2010

From Bimini we flew for 50 minutes or so to Staniel Cay, our first and most expensive port of call. However Staniel Cay is utterly beautiful. We arrive on a short runway, with blue sea and a catamaran moored on our right. There was no airport; no-one took any notice of us what-so-ever, all very chilled out maaan. We caught a little golf cart to Staniel Cay Yacht Club where we were shown our gorgeous blue two storey house! It overlooked the marina and sea. It even had little fairy lights!

We spent the remainder of our day on the beach and exploring the island. None of the locals ever sit in their shop and you have to go find them on the island to get in. We met one lady who owned the boutique and asked her how she ever made any money if she was never in her shop. She laughed for ages and said “I don’t know maaan, I should stay there one day, (very loud laugh), I’m never there!” We loved the locals! Bought our first local coconut rum, and shop owner told us “maaan this stuff will mess you up” when Dom said he liked rum.

Watched the most beautiful sunset from the balcony of our house, drinking our rum and feeling very lucky. Spent the rest of the night in the yacht club bar eating and drinking. Miche then showed her massive skills, and got talking to these two guys who we were sat at the bar with, Jonathan and Angus. Jonathan was slightly older than us at 24, and is sailing around the Caribbean for 5 months, and his Uncle is there with him for 3 weeks. They invited us on board their 34 foot sailing boat, where we sat for a number of hours listening to music and debating Barak Obama’s impact upon America, and their staunch Republican views were really quite enlightening from an outsider’s perspective, and also rather compelling. They invited us out on their boat for the next day, which was very kind, and were thrilled at the idea, so agreed.

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  1. Tony Bury Says:

    Dear Dom, sounds absolutely beautiful. Martin and I will have to think of how we can do something similar……. However it would be great to have some photos to go along with prose.

    All the best


  2. Annee Says:

    Hi Dom, I agree with Tony, sounds amazing, beautiful tranquil and almost unchartered territory ( at least for the average traveller and yes please photos as well to make us even more green!! Just so pleased you are all loving it and am enjoying your story telling Love Anne

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