Caribbean Trip. Feb 8, 2010

We woke at 4am, to see a sight I will probably never see firsthand again. That morning a shuttle bound for the International space station took off from Cape Canaveral.  We were about 40 or so miles from the launch site, but it still lit up the night sky fantastically well.

After this novel occurrence we returned for a couple of hours and got to the airport early, as we needed to be at Fort Lauderdale, in time to clear US airspace by 11.30. We were greeted in Miami by a rich man’s car park, with the airport jam packed with private jets, sandwiched in wherever possible. The reason for this was simple. The super bowl attracts the rich and famous, and they need somewhere to fly into. Before we arrived, Bill Gates and Chris Rock’s planes had taken off, to put some scale to the cast of stars that had assembled.

It is also important to note that we flew over the Everglades. Possibly one of my least favourite places to crash land.

Once we cleared American Airspace, we flew for a short distance to Biminis, where we had to clear customs for the Bahamas. We had arrived in the Caribbean!!!!!!

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