Caribbean Trip. Feb 9, 2010

Possibly one of the finest days thus far in my life, and if it continues like this these blog entry’s may get substantially longer!!

We boarded their boat at 11am, and cruised along the island, anchoring off what is commonly known as Thunderball Grotto, an amazing anomaly in the geographical landscape. It is a massive cave in the middle of a small island, only accessible through small underwater vents. We snorkeled through these into a fish filled cavern, with the cave having holes in the ceiling, allowing rays of sun to pierce. We stayed here for about 30 mins before returning to the boat. From here we had a quite an incredible experience, with Jonathan taking us Bahamian spear fishing. With a long steel spear, and a bungee to pull it back, you dive down towards the fish about 10 feet or so, pull back your weapon, and then unleash it towards the unsuspecting prey. It is a hard art to master, proved by the fact that I, Miche, and Tom did not catch anything. Ollie however managed to catch 3 fish!!! Obviously a bit of luck was on his side, or he was a natural.

Spear fishing is dangerous but such a thrill, with your hunting instincts really coming to the fore. After this amazing activity the evening would be hard to beat, but Norman’s Cay came up trumps.

It is renowned as being the most beautiful island in the Exuma chain. It did not disappoint. To eulogise, mere words cannot express the beauty of this place. A small island, it is located on the northern tip of the Exuma’s, and the population consists of about 5 or 6 residents, who look after MacDuff’s Beach club, a resort with only beach huts and a bar. We have one of these huts to ourselves and it sits on the shoreline, with the waves pretty much lapping at the veranda’s feet. I would say it is probably the closest thing to paradise I have seen on earth. Perfect white sand beaches, set against brilliant blue seas, and the remoteness of the place, and the minuteness of the population compounding this.

We cooked an evening meal of macaroni cheese, which was ably prepared by Miche, Tom and Ollie. It was a good meal, and was very sufficient. After this we went night fishing for an hour or so in front of our beach hut, unfortunately failing to catch anything, although one of the lines did get caught by something big and broke off. Despite the brief excitement of this bite, we conceded that nothing was there for us to hook, and so left it. After that and the last couple of days and nights, we were too tired to head down to the bar, and so chilled out with a few beers on our veranda.

A perfect end to a perfect day.

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