Caribbean Trip. Quick Update

Hi Everyone, we have been out of contact now for 10 days in the B.V.I, which was very unexpected.  Since the last post we spent 3 days in the Dominican Republic in an ecovillage, which was great, although we had some colourful experiences!! More to come.

After this we went to the British Virgin Islands for 10 days, which are very beautiful, and we camped on Tortola, the main island on the beach, and also on Jost Van Dyke, a slightly smaller island just off Tortola, which was also very stunning, but where we also experienced some of the nastier remnants of British colonial rule, regarding the lingering resentment that is clearly still felt by a number of the locals.

More will be written tomorrow, and there will be longer entries!! Dom

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  1. Tony Bury Says:

    Dear Dom,

    Hope all is going well. Hope that you have been maintaining a log for each of the days that you have not been able to get internet access so that the blog can be kept as a log of the visit. Loved reading the blog up to 10th Feb but it would be good to let the readers have updates on a regular basis along with photos. This will then be a diary of your visit for you and your friends and families. It also had the benefit of your learning about blogging and the power. However this cycle is broken if readers do not find updates and then do not relog onto the system. Also various contributions will assist you as you will have seen. Look forward to the next update bringing us all up to date.
    All the best

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