Caribbean Trip

My nephews Dom and Tom along with their friends are embarking on a unique trip across the Americas. This trip is not your run of the mill backpacking experience. Although they will be keeping up with the authenticity of a travelling experience by staying as much as it is possible at campsites and hostels, their mode of transport is really rather novel. The four of them Dom, Tom, Ollie and Michele will be embarking on a unique adventure in a single engine 6 seater plane. Across the Rockys and through Texas and Florida, they will saunter between 10 Caribbean islands, returning through Central America, coming full circle back to San Diego.

It was the general consensus that a trip like this could not go undocumented. Hence this blog was created for family and friends to follow their progress on this once in a life time experience.


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  1. Annee Bury Says:

    Beginning with a Day off Dom, not surprising after your flight, really look forward to seeing and hearing about the action…. Mum xx

  2. Annee Bury Says:

    So where’s this blog then, I tried to leave a comment the other night but couldn’t get it to work, probably my ineptitude so trying again!!!

    Have a great time all of you, what an amazing experience, look forward to seeing and hearing about it.

    Love Mum

  3. Martin Says:

    Thanks Tony for having this set up on your Blog. Must say I was rather worried to learn that Tom and crew were crossing the Rockies but concluded this was just a geography slup on your part!

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