Caribbean Trip. More Pics !

Caribbean Trip. Mar 4-12

March 4

Sam, Oli, Miche and Tom, not being able to bear to stay in that room for another minute got up early and went into Charlestown, the local town, to try and find breakfast. Myself being able to withstand the heat had a good lie in. At about 12 me Tom and Miche went to the local beach in the town. It is not your typical beach as it is backed by grass, and the sand is not particularly clear. On the beach we found a number of cows strolling up and down, with some of the calves playing what almost seemed like a conscious game with the waves, whereby they would go towards the sea when a wave retreated, and then rush back away from the sea when the wave came in. Read the rest of this entry »

Caribbean Trip. Feb 20-Mar 3

February 20

Feeling a little sore from the mount gay rum the night before the majority of the day was spent in the sea recovering. This has become a regular and effective hangover cure for us during our travels….  Ivans Bar is part of the campsite where we stayed. It is filled with peoples tributes to the place whether they be a picture, a scrawling on the wall or an old t-shirt or hat generously donated. Its wooden upholstery is indented with numerous shells plucked from the ocean. From what I can see the majority of people who come to this small island of 200 inhabitants enjoy it immensely, with its white sand beaches and chilled out vibe. Read the rest of this entry »

Caribbean Trip. Pictures !