Youth Unemployment in the UK and Graduate Employment

Within Mowgli we are trying to recruit specifically a young person to join the team in Bristol.  Amanda Edwards has led the assignment and we learnt the following:

  1. We received 85 applicants for a single job!.
  2. 84 of these applicants were graduates!.
  3. Overall we found that the CV’s and applications were too heavily focussed on their academic career and personal interests without enough space given to highlighting work experience roles, responsibilities, competencies and transferable skills.  We can understand why they would present their CV in this way if you were intending to work within an academic field, but written this way the CV’s do not give the applicants the best chance when applying for positions in the private, third or most of the public sector.
  4. As an example – one applicant has a 2-page CV, which included a 3-paragraph personal profile (too long!), over half a page on academic achievements, a further half a page on personal interests leaving only enough room for one bullet point under each volunteer or paid work experience. This meant they didn’t have the space to clearly articulate what the role had entailed, what they had achieved, and there were no metrics at all. This was a common theme! Very few candidates quantified their achievements with figures (apart from their academic accomplishments) but many listed out the modules within their degrees, even though the subjects were not at all relevant to the role.

Our purpose in writing this message is to get it to as many people seeking work as possible to enhance their chances of success. Please distribute this link to as many networks as possible. Let us help our youth find employment.