Caribbean Trip. More Pics !

Caribbean Trip. Mar 4-12

March 4

Sam, Oli, Miche and Tom, not being able to bear to stay in that room for another minute got up early and went into Charlestown, the local town, to try and find breakfast. Myself being able to withstand the heat had a good lie in. At about 12 me Tom and Miche went to the local beach in the town. It is not your typical beach as it is backed by grass, and the sand is not particularly clear. On the beach we found a number of cows strolling up and down, with some of the calves playing what almost seemed like a conscious game with the waves, whereby they would go towards the sea when a wave retreated, and then rush back away from the sea when the wave came in. Read the rest of this entry »

Caribbean Trip. Feb 20-Mar 3

February 20

Feeling a little sore from the mount gay rum the night before the majority of the day was spent in the sea recovering. This has become a regular and effective hangover cure for us during our travels….  Ivans Bar is part of the campsite where we stayed. It is filled with peoples tributes to the place whether they be a picture, a scrawling on the wall or an old t-shirt or hat generously donated. Its wooden upholstery is indented with numerous shells plucked from the ocean. From what I can see the majority of people who come to this small island of 200 inhabitants enjoy it immensely, with its white sand beaches and chilled out vibe. Read the rest of this entry »

Caribbean Trip. Pictures !

Caribbean Trip. Quick Update

Hi Everyone, we have been out of contact now for 10 days in the B.V.I, which was very unexpected.  Since the last post we spent 3 days in the Dominican Republic in an ecovillage, which was great, although we had some colourful experiences!! More to come.

After this we went to the British Virgin Islands for 10 days, which are very beautiful, and we camped on Tortola, the main island on the beach, and also on Jost Van Dyke, a slightly smaller island just off Tortola, which was also very stunning, but where we also experienced some of the nastier remnants of British colonial rule, regarding the lingering resentment that is clearly still felt by a number of the locals.

More will be written tomorrow, and there will be longer entries!! Dom

Caribbean Trip. Feb 19, 2010

We got up early and sacrificed breakfast, much to Olli’s dislike in order to pack up the tent, and get to Jost Van Dyke, a small Island of 200 inhabitants, just off Tortola. Miche and I went into Road Town, where we bought $120 worth of food, which we hoped would last us for a few days. We then returned to the campsite, picked up everything and went to the ferry at West End. We got to the Ferry within 20 mins of it leaving which was great timing considering it only goes 4 times a day. The trip cost $25 return, which is fairly reasonable. The journey took around 20 minutes, and we arrived in great harbour on JVD. From here, we headed to the fabled Ivan’s ‘Stress Free’ Bar and Campsite, where we were to camp for the next 4 nights.

We were expecting peaceful beautiful tranquillity, with our campsite just off the beach, with its white sands and brilliant blue water supposedly providing the perfect backdrop to a superb 5 days. This picture postcard place, however deeply masked a deeper undercurrent of bad feeling that emanated from many of the locals. They were from our impression rude unfriendly, and as we would find out 2 nights later racist, with the wounds of colonial rule, clearly not healed for a number of the inhabitants.

We very much enjoyed our first night however on Jost, meeting a nice chap by the name of Tyrone at the bar, who is currently living in San Fran, although was born in the UK. The Bar was surprisingly quite for a Friday night so we could sit and drink our own rum. We made friends with a number of Residents from St Thomas (US Virgin Islands), who were roughly the same age if not older. (On a side, not it seems as if the places we have been thus far are dominated by the older generations, which has not been a massive issue, as we do for the best part enjoy our company, but we are perhaps surprised by the lack of people our age.)

Caribbean Trip. Feb 18, 2010

Another lazy day on the beach, interspersed with a couple of trips for water and lunch.

The afternoon was more interesting however; as we noticed that, there were hundreds of minnows near to the shore. Tom got his mosquito net from the tent, and we proceeded to improvise a fishing net, catching over 500 minnows. We planned to cook them that evening in oil and garlic, but could not muster the ability to do so because they looked horrible, and therefore did not eat them.

Caribbean Trip. Feb 17, 2010

Today started with the usual breakfast of eggs and bread, and proceeded to be a lazy day. Although there were clearly a lot of fish just off the shore, accompanied by a large amount of ravenous black pelicans, who would periodically sweep down into the water, collecting the fish as they went. Tom made a fishing reel with a bit of drift wood, failing miserably to catch anything, with one big wave putting paid to any ideas of fish on the evening menu!!

late afternoon, and we decided to go and check out Road Town, BVI largest settlement. Myself Ollie and Miche set about exploring the town, where we found an old pirate bar, and the square 200m, a place where all the banking industry lies in the BVI, and where many have wealthy westerners have offshore accounts. Meanwhile Tom went and checked out the plane, which he thought had a rudder problem. After a few fly around it turned out to be a brake problem, which was noticed on his last landing when they failed, and he rolled to a stop at the end of the runway. Simple repercussion of the hard El Paso landing and simple to fix however!

That evening we had a really nice meal at a local yacht club before returning, armed with fresh supplies of rum to the campsite. 1 and 3/4 litres of rum were drunk between the 4 of us, and we were to say a little enhibriated.

We then had an incident with a digger which will be explained, but not on this blog.

Caribbean Trip. Feb 16, 2010

So we are now 2 weeks into our trip, and the time actually seems to be going very slowly, as it now feels like we have already been away from the UK for along time. After our usual breakfast of eggs and toast, we did nothing apart from throw a tennis ball and a Frisbee around. We spent the evening drinking rum on the beach looking up at the stars, which with no light pollution, are incredible!

Caribbean Trip. Feb 15, 2010

We were awoken to the sound of ‘Morning, Morning, Morning, you are not in the campsite man!!’ We had at night actually pitched our tent out of the parameter of the campsite!!!’

I and Tom moved the tent while Miche and Ollie went to the main town on the Island ‘Roadtown’ to pick up supplies.

This is the first day that we tried to cook for ourselves, and the trangea cookers we had bought in the US either went from out to Nuclear, which made cooking an issue. We decided it would be best to cook on a campfire, and collecting wood from the surrounding forest we made ourselves some really good burgers!!

The location of the campsite could probably not be more perfect, with the beach literally 10 feet away from the tent, and the noise of waves very loud!! Usually Brewers bay is like a pond. On this day, however the waves were 15 feet high and we had a good time riding the waves!!