Economic Policy that only pursues growth will always lead to debt

For some time I have been asking myself on the one hand whether constant growth is either sustainable or desirable, or whether we should develop our plans on the basis of debt.

My brother shared with me an interview contained in SPIEGEL with Tomas Sedlacek:-

“Greed is the Beginning of Everything”

Czech economist Tomas Sedlacek discusses morality in the current crisis and why he believes an economic policy that only pursues growth will always lead to debt. Those who don’t know how to handle it, he argues, end up in a medieval debtor’s prison, as the Greeks and others are experiencing today.

For the first time I have read a paper which intuitively I feel highlights my views. I hope you enjoy…!

To view the article in PDF, please click here:- SPIEGEL Interview with Tomas Sedlacek